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Your Puppy should be between 8/9 weeks and 18 weeks old. Pups older than 5 months of age are considered adolescents.


We register at Progressive Dog Training Outdoor Training Centre – Corner Main Reef (renamed Albertina Sisulu) and Serfontein Roads – Roodepoort West (Behind the Westgate Shopping Centre and 200 meters from the Dept. of Home Affairs Roodepoort), then we move up to our Indoor Training Centre which is about 500m away from the Outdoor Training Centre – on the same road (Main Reef)(Albertina Sisulu).


Information on Puppy School

Lesley de Klerk (CPT) – Reg. No. 294390 – Internationally registered Trainer and Behaviour Counselor – National K-9 Columbus – Ohio – U.S.A.

Reg. No. L4469 – Basic Animal Behaviour (Dogs & Cats) – Ethology Consultancy – Technicon Pretoria Certificate

Certified Pet Care Technician (U.S.A.)

Certified Service Dog Trainer/Instructor (Neads U.S.A.)

SABCAP – Registered for Training, Behaviour, AAA & AAT

(011) 763 2107/9

The Puppy1 course is 4 weeks long – and includes your training manual, puppy pack and graduation certificate at the end of the course.

The Puppy2 course is 4 weeks long – and includes training/related information on email and graduation certificate at the end of the course.


Cost of the Puppy1 course – Please contact Tracy

Cost of the Puppy2 course - Please contact Tracy (held from 14:00pm till 15:30pm) at the Outdoor Training Centre (Cnr Main Reef (Albertina Sisulu) & Serfontein) roads).


Regular flat collar and leash OR head collar and leash OR preferably harness and leash (no choke chains please as they hurt the pups.)

Proof of Vaccination

A Poo bag to clean up after your dog if necessary

Good tasty treats (very small pieces of cooked chicken is an excellent choice)


We do have collars and leashes on sale at the office should you wish to purchase your collar or leash there.

We do offer further training – up to advanced levels.

We do promote positive re-enforcement training; reward based training and we offer clicker training.

If you require further information, please contact Tracy on or (011) 763 2107/9

Booking is essential!


Download the above info here

Dog Training

Saturday - start 14:00 – finish 15:30pm (except on the first day of the course when we begin registration at 13:45pm.)


Download “Why should you take your puppy to puppy school” here