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Exploring & Promoting

the Human-Animal Bond


This is Diane and Buddy

Diane suffers from MS, is mostly confined to a wheelchair and requires constant oxygen. If she drops anything, it is impossible for her to pick it up and she cannot get out of her scooter, her bed or a chair without assistance.

Buddy already brings Diane her cell phone (wrapped in the green plastic at the moment for training purposes), her water bottle, his leash and we tried him on a camera bag today too. He is also learning the brace command to assist Diane in and out of her chair, scooter or bed. Buddy and Diane have already mastered entering and exiting a vehicle. We were very fortunate to get Buddy for our program. His owner was going overseas and could not take him with him. Buddy is proving to be an outstanding student and is extremely willing to please.

Watch this spot for Diane and Buddy’s progress.

Lesley de Klerk

Buddy walking beautifully next to the scooter

in and out of the car 1

in and out of the car 2

in and out of the car 3

in and out of the car 4

Buddy bringing the cell phone

Buddy brining Diane her (full) bottle of water

Buddy lying next to Dianne's scooter

Buddy waiting next to Diane in the scooter on the steep ramp

the BRACE command

Soft mouthed Buddy carefully bringing the camera bag